Policies & Library Laws

The Seminole Public Library has access to information and materials that are relevant and enriching in an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and functional. We have ample space to accommodate community needs, including spaces for various ages, quiet reading areas, abundant internet access and a conference room. Our knowledgeable and professional staff offers friendly and accessible customer service. We respect the history, cultural values and aesthetic appreciation within our community and are always looking for opportunities for growth and self improvement.


The mission of the Seminole Public Library is to provide information, cultural and recreational materials, services, and programs to the people of all ages in the City of Seminole and the surrounding communities.  In addition to the use of print resources, the Seminole Public Library also offers electronic access to information from throughout the world.  The World Wide Web via the internet is an important tool in accomplishing this mission.

Library Policies


Library Laws

Laws and Regulations Affecting Oklahoma Libraries